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Founded in 2014, MNC Leasing (PT. MNC Guna Usaha Indonesia), a multi-finance company owned by MNC Kapital Indonesia focuses on productive and innovative financing, both for conventional and syariah financing.

MNC Leasing provides various innovative, productive, and sustainable financing products through its 16 offices spread across 12 big cities in Indonesia. MNC Leasing continues to develop business and increase competitiveness through product development and innovation.

MNC Leasing (PT. MNC Guna Usaha Indonesia) has 3 main businesses:

  • Asset Based Financing

Focuses on asset-based financing by providing heavy equipment investment for individuals, corporations, or institutions to invest in capital goods. Such as machines, equipment related to the Health Industry, Infrastructure and Construction, Agribusiness and Manufacturing.

  • Factoring & Supply Chain

Focuses on the Supply Chain Financing and Factoring business by offering services in the form of short-term working capital loans and loans that use invoices as collateral. The target market for this financing is upstream businesses, starting from Suppliers, Principals to Distributors.

  • Syariah Financing

Carries out financing activities in accordance with syariah contract principles. Focuses on syariah financing, by providing asset-based financing and supply chain financing.

With superior performance and solid growth, the Company is ready to penetrate a wider market through various productive and innovative financing products. MNC Leasing is ready to support Indonesia’s development as a productive and innovative financing solution.

To find out more, please visit www.mncleasing.com then download the Company’s update file via the investor relations menu.

MNC Leasing, “Together to Build Indonesia”.