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PT MNC Asuransi Indonesia or often called MNC Insurance, a wholly owned subsidiary company of MNC Kapital Indonesia,  provides a wide variety of general insurance products for Retail and Corporate Clients.

For retail customers, MNC Insurance has an array of protections such as MNC Car Protection, insurance to cover motor vehicles’ loss or damage; MNC Home Protection, insurance to protect and guarantee the loss or damage on home and other assets; MNC Family Protection, complete personal accident insurance for all family members including household assistants and drivers; MNC Personal Protection, insurance that provides protection against the risk of death, permanent disability or medical expenses caused by accident, and MNC International Travel Protection and MNC Domestic Travel Protection, insurance that provide protection from the possibility that might occur during travel.

MNC Insurance also serves corporate clients with various coverage including Property All Risk insurance, a comprehensive insurance for client’s property and contents from any risks of financial losses; Heavy Equipment insurance, a program to protect the damage or loss caused by natural disasters, crashes and malicious acts; Liability insurance, guarantees financial loss or damages on any Third Party lawsuit as a result of your business activities and actions that may cause loss to Third Parties; Marine Cargo insurance, a financial guarantee and protection for any loss or damage of goods while in transit from its point of origin to its final destination by sea, rail, road or air transports; Engineering Insurance, provides coverage for construction  and  installation projects and operator machinery or electronic equipment and other products.

With 22 representative offices across Indonesia, MNC Insurance has built strong partnerships with Insurance Brokers, Agents, Financial Institutions as well as dealers. Committed to delivering outstanding services, MNC Insurance provides 24-hour Customer Care support and emergency services.

MNC Insurance has entered the digital market with its MNCi Mobile Application, a digital platform that aims to increase the quality of services provided to customers that own MNC Insurance products. On the MNCi Mobile Application, you may find complete services that support MNCi’s various leading products, such as motor vehicle insurance, homeowners insurance, travel insurance, and family personal accident insurance. Customers may submit claim reports digitally and contact customer support 24 hours a day.

For further information, please visit: www.mnc-insurance.com and download the Corporate Updates file through the Investor Relations tab.

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