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Internal Audit Unit

The Company’s Internal Audit function is performed by the Internal Audit Unit. In carrying out its roles, the Internal Audit Unit strives to the position as a trusted strategic partner by the management, working professionally, objectively and independently. The Internal Audit Unit assists the President Director in assessing the effectiveness of the internal control system, risk management, and corporate governance processes and provides recommendations for improvements. In addition, the Internal Audit Unit also assists the Board of Commissioners through the Audit Committee in carrying out its supervisory functions.

Internal Audit Unit Head Profile

Muhammad Ilham Abrar

Muhammad Ilham Abrar served as Head of the Internal Audit Unit since December 20, 2021, based on Directors Decree No. 068/HRD/MNCKI/XII/21. Prior to joining the Company, he worked at Mazars Consulting Indonesia or KAP Aria Kanaka & Rekan (2016-2019) as Senior External Auditor and at KAP Rama Wendra (2015-2016) as Junior External Auditor.

Legal References

The Internal Audit Unit is led by the Head of the Internal Audit Unit appointed and dismissed by the President Director with the approval of the Board of Commissioners. The appointment, replacement, or dismissal of the Head of the Internal Audit Unit will be reported immediately to the authority authorized to regulate and supervise the Company’s business activities.

The Company has appointed Muhammad Ilham Abrar as Head of the Internal Audit Unit, which was appointed by the President Director based on the Decree No. 068/HRD/MNCKI/XII/21 dated December 20, 2021.