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MNC Tekonologi Nusantara is a financial technology company wholly owned by MNC Kapital Indonesia that focuses on providing payment solutions for businesses and individuals.  The Company operates under two brands, an e-money and e-wallet platform called MotionPay and a payment gateway provider, called Flash Mobile.

MotionPay is an electronic money application that was created to complement the MNC Group ecosystem by integrating all of MNC’s digital products into one application. In 2019, MotionPay previously known as SPIN has obtained three licenses from the Central Bank of Indonesia, as an issuer of e-money, e-wallet as well as a digital remittance provider. In line with Bank Indonesia’s initiative towards the strengthening and standardization of the Indonesian financial ecosystem, MotionPay also has obtained a QRIS license in 2020. SPIN is available for download on both the Appstore and Playstore.

Flash Mobile is a payment gateway service that provides users with various payment solution options, including MotionPay as a payment method. There are 4 main features available inside the MotionPay App.

MotionPay – enables users to transact using digital money that can be used anytime and anywhere. Integrated with QRIS or QR Code Indonesian Standard that ensures MotionPay acceptance at all stores and merchants across Indonesia.

MotionWallet – enables users to store their Credit and Debit Cards inside the App which leads to a safe, easy, and fast transaction.

MotionTransfer – enables users to transfer from MotionPay to MotionPay, as well as MotionPay to Bank.

MotionPoints – building customer loyalty within the MNC Group ecosystem. Users across the board will be able to earn MotionPoints from their transactions and activities, that can be redeemed into various rewards.

In 2020, MotionPay with QRIS license, supports the initiation of eTV Mall, an innovation synergy between MNC Media and Financial Services, hence creating a new shopping experience, by providing users with the convenience of purchasing products directly from their television screens, simply by scanning the QRIS code, in response to the changing behaviors due to the global pandemic. eTV Mall is broadcasted nationally on RCTI, MNCTV, GTV and iNews.

MNC Teknologi Nusantara commits to rigorously improve the app, to develop innovative features, and to continuously reward users to improve customer satisfaction. MotionPay will also continue to grow by accelerating market penetration and providing additional value for users, thus strengthening company, as it grows to become the Pride of Indonesia.

For further information, please download the Corporate Updates file through the Investor Relations tab.

MotionPay. E-Money for all needs.