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PT MNC Teknologi Nusantara (MTN) is a subsidiary of MNC Kapital, which focuses on developing solutions and digital payment systems, through the provision of e-money within its main product, SPIN (Smart Payment Indonesia).

SPIN has obtained licenses from Bank Indonesia, to provide e-money, e-wallet, as well as for digital remittance. Furthermore, SPIN may be used for any transaction using QRIS (QR Indonesia Standard).

Beyond a mere payment method, SPIN will be integrated with all of MNC Group’s ecosystem in supporting the Group’s strategies in acquisition, retention and boosting transaction traffic, as well as providing customer loyalty programs.

Currently, SPIN’s capabilities include payment at stores/merchants, bill payments, money transfers among SPIN users and to bank accounts, as well as donations.

SPIN will continue to support and be aligned with the strategies of its holding company, MNC Kapital, regarding its Super Apps, which will become the “one-stop shop” for all digital products, in monetizing big data, implementing a single customer ID, and in its loyalty business.

Within the year, MTN will also move towards a Payment Gateway (PG) business, and become the biller aggregator for MNC Group’s ecosystem.

MTN will also increase its revenue stream within SPIN by providing digital lending features, such as through PayLater and Installments, which are enabled through collaborations with strategic partners within MNC Group as well as external parties.

The strategies of MTN currently includes 1) increasing the number of premium users within SPIN, 2) boosting transaction traffic through synergies within MNC Group: that is, through the media, e-commerce, and financial services businesses, 3) acquisition of micro-merchants, both online and offline (in-store) to increase the acceptance of SPIN usage, 4) collaboration with strategic partners that are external to MNC Group to enhance product and services, and 5) adding new lines of businesses that support the company’s revenue stream.

Through the implementation of the right business model, and with the support of the media portion of the Group, MTN will continue to focus on adding value to its customers.

For further information, please download the Corporate Updates file through the Investor Relations tab.