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logo mnc kapital

PT MNC Finance is a wholly owned multi-finance subsidiary company of MNC Kapital Indonesia. MNC Finance was established in Jakarta under the name of Citra International Finance and Investment Corporation (CIFICORP) in 1989, and changed its name to MNC Finance in December 2010. Since then, MNC Finance has been transforming and focusing its business on two types of products; car and property loan facility.

MNC Finance offers conventional loan facilities to meet people’s needs, with products such as Express Dana Mobil and Express Dana Rumah. Express Dana Mobil is a car refinancing facility using Proof of Ownership Book as collateral, with 44 branches across Indonesia. Meanwhile, Express Dana Rumah is a property refinancing facility using property certificates as collateral which covers the Jabodetabek area. Both products offer a fast and easy process with a competitive rate and secure collateral vault.

In this era dominated by digitalization, apart from the conventional loan facilities, MNC Finance has started to expand its business to Digital Products. Starting from the beginning of 2021, MNC Finance has been joining forces with MNC Leasing to create a digital business platform called MotionCredit, with MotionCredit Dana Mobil and MotionCredit Dana Rumah as its featured products, with the purpose to improve its services to customers.

MNC Finance will keep giving its best effort to provide the best services to customers by offering fast and easy solutions for your financial needs.

For further information, please visit www.mncfinance.com and download the Corporate Updates file through the Investor Relations tab.

MNC Finance, Fast Easy Friendly.