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logo mnc kapital

PT MNC Asset Management was established in 1999 and obtained the investment management business license from Bapepam-LK in 2000. MNC Asset Management is a subsidiary of MNC Kapital that engages in investment management services, ranging from mutual funds, discretionary accounts and customized investment solutions.

MNC Asset Management manages a variety of investment products for individual retail clients, high net-worth individuals and institutions, including pension funds, insurance, foundations, banks, and other companies. MNC Asset Management offers discretionary account and a variety of mutual fund (conventional and sharia-based) products. Customers can choose products in accordance with their respective risk profiles, ranging from equity funds, fixed income, money markets, balanced funds, capital protected funds and ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund).

MNC Asset Management offers services through 6 branch offices, selling agents and mutual fund online system. The mutual fund online platform offers secured services, low starting balance (from IDR100,000), no transaction fee, no signature required, switching flexibility, easy top-up, and redemption, as well as portfolio investment monitoring. Further features enhancement will be offered to all retail and institutional clients. The full services offering will include a wide range of locally-based mutual funds with different risk profiles, mutual funds with overseas underlying financial instruments and customized investment products.

MNC Asset Management will continue with strategies to expand its distribution network externally through collaboration with third parties, as well as the development of investment products that are tailored to customer needs in light of industry trends. Marketing and communications include digital marketing strategies, such as through social media engagements to reach the millennials community, as well as investor gatherings to reach high net-worth customers.

For further information, please visit www.mncasset.com and download the Corporate Updates file through the Investor Relations tab.