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logo mnc kapital

PT Flash Mobile is a subsidiary of MNC Kapital, which focuses on technology-based payment systems for online transactions and e-commerce partners. Flash Mobile is a trusted payment gateway and billing aggregator to facilitate your various online transactions.

Flash Mobile applies information security standards to ensure the security of your e-commerce transactions. With the various features provided by Flash Mobile, various online transactions can be carried out effectively and efficiently.

Currently, Flash Mobile provides payment gateway and billing aggregator services for the entire MNC Group ecosystem. In the future, Flash Mobile will further increase its capacity to deliver more innovative digital financial services’ products so we will be able to cater users’ need within MNC Group ecosystem and also communities throughout Indonesia.

Flash Mobile will also continue to enhance cooperation with various telco providers in Indonesia, cooperate with online partners, and expand the options for electronic billing and payment services. Supported by the implementation of the right business model and the strength of the MNC Group’s media and financial services network, Flash Mobile will continue to focus on providing added value to its customers.