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logo mnc kapital

In November 2010 MNC Kapital acquired PT UOB Life – Sun Assurance and rebranded it into PT MNC Life Assurance (MNC Life).

MNC Life currently offers a wide range of protection covering both traditional insurance comprising of life and health insurance as well as wealth accumulation and unit-link products in cooperation with MNC Asset Management.

The two main solutions offered by MNC Life are:

• Wealth Protection, medical health, accident and critical illness insurance, and whole life insurance for individuals or groups of individuals.

• Wealth Accumulation, which includes education, planning, retirement, savings and investment solution based on the client’s risk profile, in the form of financial and investment protection with attractive results through unit link funding.

MNC Life is considered to be one of the fastest-growing in the industry, attributed to its significant growth in the number of sales agents, bank assurance products, the opening of branch offices throughout Indonesia and the offering of innovative products. MNC Life currently has 12 branches and 6 representative offices that are spread across 17 major cities in Indonesia. MNC Life is supported by 800 agents and is in cooperation with 20 financial institutions and 3 reputable e-commerce businesses.

MNC Life had also developed an online-based service that plays an important role in accelerating market penetration through an increasing variety and competitiveness of its products, that would be able to effectively cater to all segments in society. Some of the digital platforms currently being developed by MNC Life includes Hario Siaga e-voucher, iLucky, e-AJK, and e-Agency. MNC Life’s services are also accessible through its mobile applications, eHealth and Hario.

MNC Life will continue with its strategy to increase synergy and collaboration within MNC group, while focusing on its basic featured products, expanding to potential digital insurance market (millenials), strengthening and building new online and offline partners, growing its organic agency channel and optimizing its investment portfolio.

For further information, please visit www.mnclife.com and download the Corporate Updates file through the Investor Relations tab.