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Company Overview

PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk, known as MNC Kapital was established in 1999 when MNC Group started to separate its Financial Services division to become independent. It went public in 2001 and today has integrated financial services from banking, consumer finance, securities, leasing, general insurance, life insurance, asset management, and financial technology.

MNC Bank focuses on full-service banking for SME, consumer, and wholesale banking and has credit card and debit card operations. The Bank currently spends significant resources to become a major player in digital banking, capitalizing on the Group’s strength in technology.

MNC Finance is engaged in consumer financings such as new car and multi-purpose financing and mortgages. As part of improving customer services, MNC Finance has developed a digital application to deliver faster and better credit processing.

MNC Sekuritas, which is the first company established by the Group back in late 1989, provides a complete range of services, from brokerage, margin financing, research, underwriting, and financial advisory services. It has more than 100 retail branches and operates one of the largest online trading services.

MNC Leasing serves corporate customers primarily to finance productive assets in the form of leasing, sale and leaseback, factoring, project financing, infrastructure financing, and other financings.

MNC Insurance provides general insurance services for retail and corporate customers. With 24/7 online customer service and application supports, MNC Insurance strives to provide excellent service for its customers. It’s currently developing a digital application for a new car insurance product.

MNC Life offers a number of insurance products, including health, accident, and unit link. MNC Life has recently launched its digital-based app, Hario, for education, pension, health, accident, and life insurances.

MNC Asset Management manages a variety of investment products for individual and institutional investors, through various mutual funds and discretionary management services. It specializes in equity, fixed income and money market instruments. In the near future, the company will expand into private equity, venture capital, and special situation funds.

MNC Teknologi Nusantara has just launched SPIN, Smart Payment Indonesia, a super app that connects all of MNC Group’s business units in one financial ecosystem. It provides e-money, e-wallet, digital remittance, and loyalty programs. Adapting the latest technology, SPIN is able to interconnect with other providers’ QR code. SPIN, in collaboration with MNC Media, is making a breakthrough by introducing a new concept of in-TV purchase. This partnership allows audiences to scan the displayed QRIS to purchase the products offered, directly from their television screen. Very soon the company will launch its peer to peer lending apps to enter into micro-financing, which can be used as the financing channelling agent for SPIN and MNC Bank.

MNC Kapital has committed itself to become the front runner in integrated financial services in Indonesia. It is achievable with the strong ecosystem owned by the group today.

MNC Kapital, Building Towards The Most Integrated Digital Financial Services in Indonesia.