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Social & Community Development


The Company executes a social and community development program by implementing CSR Programs focusing on five pillars of activities in various areas such as education, economics, public health, religion, and social. The five pillars of activity are aligned with the concept of Good Corporate Citizen developed by the Company.

As part of the society, the Company carried out intensive CSR programs in 2020. The Company allocated a certain amount of funds for all activities that were consistent with its capacity.

Initiatives Related to Social & Community Development in 2020

During the pandemic, through MNC Peduli, the Company participated in the government’s efforts to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak by providing various assistance to the community. MNC Group distributed thousands of medical equipment and personal protective equipment to various health facilities such as hospitals, health centers, and 320 other institutions in several Indonesia regions. Further assistance in necessities, sanitation equipment, rapid tests, and swab tests was also distributed and implemented to improve public health quality.

In addition, the Company implemented social community development in 2020 through virtual education and literacy activities, in compliance with the Government’s health protocols.

At the end of the year, the Company and business units also participated in MNC e-Fest 2020 as a series of MNC Group 31st Anniversary events. In addition to presenting various entertainments for the community, MNC e-Fest 2020 convened a Tech Career Day-Virtual Job Fair, an Online Recruitment program, particularly in the field of technology, and a Webinar Series about accelerating digitalization during a pandemic.