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Social & Community Development

The Company executes a social and community development program through the implementation of CSR programs that focus on five pillars of activities in various areas such as education, economics, public health, religion, and social. The five pillars of activity are aligned with the concept of a Good Corporate Citizen developed by the Company. As part of society, the Company carried out intensive CSR programs in 2019. The Company allocated a certain amount of funds for all activities that were consistent with its capacity.

The Company conducted the following CSR programs in 2019:

• Collaboration with Operation SAFE International in conducting Healing Camp Traumatic Program post-natural disaster specifically the tsunami disaster in Banten areas.

• Social service and granting of staple food packages to the victims of natural disasters in Gowa, South Sulawesi; Tangerang and Pandeglang, Banten; Jakarta; Bogor; Tasikmalaya, West Java.

• Actively donating thousands of books, new clothing, free reading glasses and computers to schools, orphanages and dhuafa as well as those in need.

• Providing donation and sacrificial animals during Ied Fitr and Ied Adha, Christmas gifts, and donation in commemoration of the Indonesian Independence day.

• The Company and subsidiaries have conducted Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) Practices Training in the 4.0 digital era specifically for the financial sector.

The Company and subsidiaries regularly providing various education and financial literation.