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Employment, Occupational Health & Safety

The Company and its Subsidiaries consider Human Resources (HR) as a vital instrument to perform optimally. Therefore, the Company carries out HR management based on objective performance and best practices in employment, occupational health and safety (HSE).

The Company manifests this commitment by stipulating occupational health and safety risks, including sickness treatment, compensation for work accidents and assistance to employees affected by disasters. The Company also provides the best Health Clinics, as well as ambulances for work accident first aid.

During the pandemic, the Company and its business units have implemented a Work From Home (WFH) system for several employees. This is one preventive step to protect employees and their families from the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The Company and its business units also implement strict health protocols, social distancing, and wear masks in the work environment. 

Gender Equality and Job Opportunities

The Company provides equal employment opportunities for all people, both men and women, regardless of ethnic, religious, racial, class, gender, or physical condition in joining a worker recruitment program.

The Company also provides service and benefits to employees equally in accordance with career paths, duties and responsibilities, and competencies.

Work facilities and safety

1. Work Safety Facilities
Each of the Company’s offices and business units has been installed with a light fire extinguisher (APAR) and a first aid kit for accidents (P3K), placed in each specific room and stored in an accessible location. The buildings owned by the Company and business units also comply with work safety regulations. The Company also has MNC Healthcare Centers at MNC Center, Kebon Sirih and MNC Studios, Kebun Jeruk.

2. Occupational Accident Rate
The Company states that the implementation of HSE must be a reference to maintain and prioritize personal safety and health, co-workers, and the environment. The performance of HSE aims to achieve work quality with a zero accident rate.

Employee Turnover

The Company strives to manage employee turnover by, among others, continually review the policies on remuneration and reward systems for the employee. Moreover, improvements are always conducted to create a favorable working condition for the employee. A good working environment will maintain a low level of employee turnover in the Company.


The Company provides opportunities for all employees to participate in various competency developments, education and/or training, seminars, workshops, and others. The Company consistently conducts internal forums for multiple levels of positions by inviting qualified speakers.


The Company provides fees and benefits under applicable rules and standards regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, race, and class. The Company offers rewards and benefits to employees according to career paths, duties and responsibilities, and competencies.

Complaints Mechanism for Employment Issue

Every employee has the right to submit criticisms, complaints, dissatisfaction, or objections that interfere with their duties or any matters related to employment.

An employee can report complaints about suspected violations on employment, code of conduct, and other legal violations through email: hotline.mncfinancialservices@mncgroup.com.

Initiatives Related to Employment, Health, and Safety in 2020

• The Company collaborated with the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) to hold a rapid test and swab test at the MNC Center Kebon Sirih and Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta.

• All office and business units are disinfected to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

• Convened virtual health seminars for employees and the public.

• Conducted virtual cycling and fun walk competitions for employees and the public to celebrate the MNC Group 31st Anniversary series.

• Despite the restrictions due to the Covid-19 epidemic, MNC Peduli partnered with several Hospitals to carry out cataracts, cleft lip and hernia surgeries, and medical checkups to provide hearing aids MNC Peduli assisted the community in Pantai Bakti Village, Muara Gembong.

• Prior to the pandemic, MNC Group collaborated with PMI to conduct Blood Donation activities around the Company’s work areas and business units.

• Conducted monthly training such as a virtual forum for supervisors and managers to broaden employees’ insights and well informed on the latest events.