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Company Strategy

PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (MNC Financial Services) is continuously taking strategic steps in advancing its businesses towards its goal to be “The Most Integrated Digital Financial Services in Indonesia”, which include:

  1. Reinforcing growth from conventional to digital financial services in all business units, fueled with significant synergy within the MNC Group ecosystem, in order to heighten business performance and consumer convenience;
  2. Continuing the synergy between subsidiaries such as cross-selling product, integrated database management, system development, business process improvement and incentive programs for mutual marketing activities, as well as joint marketing and advertising through MNC Media platforms;
  3. Increasing productivity of distribution channels through digital channels or points-of-sales which are less labor-intensive, while also improving strategies to deepen the relationships with local and international partners;
  4. Strengthening the Company’s capital structure to support the organic growth of its subsidiaries, as well as the acquisition of prospective businesses in the financial services industry;
  5. Building partnerships to develop and implement mutually beneficial strategic development of omnichannel services.