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logo mnc kapital

Company Milestone

  • 2020 SPIN Receives Approval from Bank Indonesia to Place QRIS On Air.
  • 2019 The Company, through PT MNC Teknologi Nusantara, obtained licenses from Bank Indonesia to provide e-money, e-wallet, as well as digital remittance and subsequently launched Smart Payment Indonesia (SPIN) on November 3rd, 2019.

    The Company through PT MNC Life Assurance launched a mobile insurance app with the name of Hario.
  • 2018 Issues Bond II amounting to IDR300 billion.

    Establishment of MNC Teknologi Nusantara.
  • 2017 MNC Securities rebranded to MNC Sekuritas.
  • 2016 Starts digitization.

    Warrant execution of IDR824.3 billion.
  • 2015 Right Issue amounting IDR827.21 Billion.
  • 2014 Right Issue amounting IDR2.35 Trillion.

    Acquisition of MNC Bank and MNC Leasing.
  • 2013 Issues Bond I amounting IDR225 billion for 5 years.
  • 2012 Rebranding as MNC Kapital Indonesia.
  • 2011 Acquisition of MNC Insurance.

    Rebranding of Bhakti Asset Management, Bhakti Finance and Bhakti Securities to MNC Asset Management, MNC Finance and MNC Securities.
  • 2010 Acquisition of MNC Life.
  • 2004 Establishment of Bhakti Securities.
  • 2003 Consolidation of Bhakti Asset Management and Bhakti Finance.
  • 2001 The Company's Initial Public Offering.
  • 1999 Establishment of PT Bhakti Capital Indonesia.