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Responsibility Towards Products / Services and Consumer

The Company comprehends quality products, excellent service, and conducive relations with customers as essential elements in maintaining business continuity and sustainability for any financial institution. Thus, it is crucial to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty towards financial services and products. To this end, the Company’s responsibility to consumers is carried out based on prevailing laws and regulations, including:
• RI Law No. 7 of 1992 on Banking, as amended by Republic of Indonesia Law No. 10 of 1998;
• RI Law No. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection;
• OJK Regulation No. 1/POJK.07/2013 on the Consumers Protection of Financial Services Sector.

Customer Complaint Center

The Company has provided media for consumers’ convenience in interacting with the Company, to obtain information on the Company’s products and services, submit complaints, and advice. The consumer can contact call center 1-500-899 which provides 24-7 services or via email at corsec.mncfinancialservices@mncgroup.com.

Initiatives and Product Information in 2020

The Company also manages an official corporate website or integrated subsidiaries’ websites, containing comprehensive products and services information, reporting, and other relevant information on public information requirements.

The Company shall also educate consumers, promote financial literacy and financial inclusion, and educate on capital market products. The Company’s infrastructure development needs to consider these measures, and the activity planning to meet them must be measurable, evaluated, and reported for quality assurance.

Moreover, the Company organizes regular gatherings with consumers to maintain consumer’s loyalty, such as investor gatherings to update information on market trends and the latest issues in the capital market and economy.

With the increasing dynamics of digital era development, the Company and its business units have launched digital-basis mobile apps to provide convenience for the consumers in carrying out payments, attain product information, paperless app registration, as well as to obtain real-time investment information. The products are as follows:

• One of the Company’s subsidiaries, MNC Bank, has successfully launched a mobile banking application, Motion, to realize MNC Bank’s digital strategy to transform into a branchless bank in the future.

• In addition to mobile banking Motion, the Company also has SPIN, electronic money application, electronic wallet, and digital transfer. In collaboration with MNC Media, SPIN launched e-TV Mall, a television program to ease viewers’ buy products by simply scanning the QRIS code on their TV screen. Shortly, SPIN will launch a feature for the customer loyalty program. This feature combines digital platforms in the MNC Group, from media, such as RCTI+ and Vision+, to all financial services platforms. In this program, customers can get attractive offers to continue their transactions within the MNC Group ecosystem.

• The Company, through MNC Life, has also launched Hario, a complete digital-based insurance application that provides various life, health, and general insurance products such as home insurance, motor vehicle insurance, and travel insurance. During the pandemic, Hario Apps launched two Hario Siaga products, namely Hario Diamond and Hario Platinum, additional protection for customers exposed to the Covid-19 virus risk.

• The Company has also penetrated the online financing sector. One of the Company’s subsidiaries, MNC Finance, offers various facilities to customers in obtaining a vehicle and residential financing and has also been equipped with a digital application, Bang Kredit. The company is currently developing a digital-based hajj fund financing application, SIAP HAJI, as a sharia product under the MNC Guna Usaha Indonesia business unit. The company is also developing a P2P lending application, one of the Company’s plans to increase its microfinance business. In an integrated digital financial service strategy architecture, this P2P lending application will serve as one significant part of the credit distribution ecosystem for customers of SPIN, MNC Bank, MNC Finance, and MNC Guna Usaha.

• The Company, through its subsidiary MNC Sekuritas, is committed to encouraging young investors through the Investment Gallery. As proven by acquiring the MURI record-breaking category “Inauguration of the Most Virtual Investment Galleries in a Day”. MNC Sekuritas also offers the convenience of becoming an investor by opening an online stock account through the flagship online trading application, MNC Trade New. In 2020, MNC Sekuritas has also launched MNC Research feature in MNC Trade New application. This feature aims to provide easy and practical access for MNC Trade New users. In addition, in the midst of pandemics, MNC Sekuritas is actively and routinely conducting educational, literacy and webinars for customers and public. As of September 4, 2020, their research team has also presented a breakthrough through Morning Meeting. It is the latest initiative from MNC Sekuritas to broadcast any update from capital market news, reviews of global, regional and domestic markets, as well as stock recommendations in every exchange day via YOUTUBE LIVE before the trading day begins.