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Responsibility Towards the Consumer

Consumers are key stakeholders for any financial services institution that may impact a company’s business continuity today and in the future. For the Company, it is crucial to maintain the highest possible level of consumers’ satisfaction and loyalty towards its services and products. To this end, the Company’s responsibility to consumers is carried out based on prevailing laws and regulations, including:
• RI Law No. 7 of 1992 on Banking, as amended by Republic of Indonesia Law No. 10 of 1998;
• RI Law No. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection;
• OJK Regulation No. 1/POJK.07/2013 on the Consumers Protection of Financial Services Sector.

Customer Complaint Center
The Company has provided media for consumers’ convenience in interacting with the Company, to obtain information on the Company’s products and services, submit complaints, and advice. The consumer can contact call center 1-500-899 which provides 24-7 services or via email at corsec.mncfinancialservices@mncgroup.com.

Initiatives and Activities in 2019
On public information requirements, the Company also manages an official corporate website or integrated subsidiaries’ websites, containing comprehensive products and services information, reporting, and other relevant information.

The Company shall also educate consumers and promote financial literacy and financial inclusion, as well as education on capital market products. The Company’s infrastructure development needs to consider these measures, and activity planning to meet them must be measurable, evaluated, and reported for quality assurance.

Moreover, the Company organizes regular gatherings with consumers to maintain consumer loyalty, such as investor gathering to update information on market trends and the latest issues in the capital market and economy.

With the dynamic development of the digital era, the Company and its business units have launched digital-basis mobile apps to provide convenience for the consumers in carrying out payments, attain product information, paperless app registration, as well as to obtain real-time investment information. The products are as follows:

• The Company through MNC Teknologi Nusantara has launched Smart Payment Indonesia (SPIN). SPIN provides three products, namely e-money, e-wallet, and digital remittance. For the initial stage, SPIN will provide services to MNC Group ecosystems, such as subscription payment for pay-TV MNC Vision, MNC Play, and OTT platform RCTI+ and Vision+, online shopping through MNC Shop and The F Thing, as well as topping up mobile phone and electricity token.

• MNC Sekuritas has launched MNC StockRadars. This mobile app has the ability to provide share movement information, as well as present shares information included in the radar according to required indicators. Moreover, MNC Sekuritas has also enhanced the features in MNC Trade New with Opening Account-Simplification, menu Speed Order, Virtual Trading, and the first waqf digital shares in Indonesia, namely “MNC Wakafku”.

• MNC Life launched a digital insurance app, namely Hario. Users especially Millenials, can apply for insurance through a simple, instant, and affordable application.