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Whistleblowing System

Submission of Violation Report

As a commitment to upholding ethics, the Company provides a violation reporting system or better known as the whistleblower system. The reporting of an alleged violation on the code of conduct can be submitted via e-mail at hotline.mncfinancialservices@mncgroup.com which is directly managed by the internal audit.

With the reporting mechanism in place, it is expected to prevent a violation to occur and to reduce risks by the Company due to violation related to financial, operational, legal, safety and reputation. In addition, the application of this system is also expected to benefit the Company‘s reputation in the perspectives of stakeholders, regulators and the public.

Whistleblower Protection System

For reports that are proven to be true, the Company will provide protection for the whistleblower by ensuring confidentiality on the whistleblower’s identity and the content of the report unless it is required by law to be disclosed.

Whistleblower convicted of false reporting and/or defamation is not protected. The whistleblower that submits a false report may be subject to sanctions in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations or the Company’s internal regulations.

Handling of Complaints

After receiving a complaint, the Internal Audit Unit looks for evidence from the whistleblower, or related parties, during a regular audit or an investigation. The results of the audit or investigation are submitted to the President Director and the Audit Committee. If there is evidence of a violation, the HR and/or Legal team handle the matter in accordance with the applicable regulations.