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Communication Policy


The Communication Policy sets out the processes that the Company has in place to provide our shareholders and the investment community with fair and timely information on the Company for them to make informed assessments of the Company’s strategies, developments, operations, and financial performance, and to enable shareholders and the investment community to engage actively with the Company.


An informative and constructive dialogue between the Board and shareholders and the investment community will encourage improvement in the quality of corporate governance implementation. In a normal course of business, the Investor Relations team will take a role in the communication between the Board and shareholders/ investment community.

The Company focuses on open communication, transparent and fair disclosures, equal treatment of shareholders, and protection of shareholders’ interests, with respect to the integrity, timeliness, and relevance of the information provided.

The Company will ensure that information is communicated accurately to avoid the creation or continuation of false information in the market.

The Company aims to communicate with shareholders in a way that meets their needs.

Communication with shareholders is given a high priority. Extensive information about the Company’s activities is provided to shareholders in the annual reports and interim reports, which are available through the Company’s website both in Indonesian and English.

Communication with shareholders and the investment communities is carried out in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations


Communication to the shareholders and investment communities is made through:

–  General Meeting of Shareholder (GMS)

A GMS provides a useful forum for the shareholders to exchange views with the Board. The Company’s President Commissioner, members of the Board of Commissioners, Chairman of the Audit Committee, President Director, and members of the Board of Directors shall be available to answer questions from the shareholders.

The Company shall prepare notices of meetings and accompanying documents in a clear and concise manner and provide sufficient time for such notices in compliance with all relevant requirements.

Appropriate arrangements shall be put in place to facilitate shareholders’ participation at GMS. Shareholders who are unable to attend and vote at general meetings are facilitated to appoint proxies to attend and vote at the meetings for and on their behalf.

The code of conduct applied at the GMS is communicated to the shareholders at the GMS.

–  Financial Statement

The Company aims to provide a fair, balanced, and understandable disclosure of information to allow shareholders to get an update on the Company’s financial conditions and prospects. Timely publication of financial results will be done in nationally distributed daily newspapers.

–  Investment Community Communication

The Company conducts regular dialogue with investors and analysts through meetings, either one-on-one or group meetings, to facilitate effective communication between the Company and the investment community and to keep the latter abreast of the Company’s developments.

The Company provides convenient access to information for its stakeholders through communication media such as Press Releases, Corporate Update booklets, Company’s website, as well as announcements that are published in newspapers and the website of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with regards to financial statements, corporate action, and other disclosure information, in compliance with all relevant requirements.

–  Company’s Website

Referring to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) No. 8/POJK.04/2015 regarding Issuers or Public Company’s website, the Company’s website which contains information about the Company is available for the public and provides timely access to the Company’s latest information relevant to shareholders and the investment community. On the website, the Company posts annual reports, interim reports, announcements, and any other corporate communications which are posted on the IDX as soon as practicable after the same have been released to the IDX. The aforesaid shall be maintained on the Company’s website for at least five years from the date of publication.

Information on the Company’s website (www.mncfinancialservices.com) that are available in Bahasa Indonesia as well as in English will be reviewed and updated regularly.

–  Shareholders Enquiries

Shareholders should direct their inquiries about their shareholdings to Corporate Secretary. Contact details to which shareholders may address inquiries are published on the Company’s website.

–  Email Access

The Company provides access for shareholders, investors and the public for communication through the email address: corsec.mncfinancialservices@mncgroup.com

The Communication policy is reviewed periodically in line with the developments of the Company.