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MNC Sekuritas, the first wholly-owned subsidiary established by the Group back in 1989, provides a complete range of services, from equity, fixed income, investment banking to providing research to optimize clients’ investments. Thus far, the company has more than 140 points of sales with over 100,000 clients. Its main businesses include securities brokerage, underwriting, and financial advisory.

As a Securities Brokerage firm, the Company provides trading services for both retail and institutional clients, fixed income products as well as online trading. The Underwriter business covers both Initial Public Offering and secondary offering. MNC Sekuritas also serves as an arranger to help clients conduct their private placements in shares or bonds such as Medium-Term Notes and Convertible Bonds. As a Financial Advisor, MNC Sekuritas provides integrated and customized financial solutions for clients by providing various corporate services, such as Corporate Finance Advisory, Corporate Bank Financing, Negotiable Certificate Deposit, Merger and Acquisition, and Restructuring.

To complete all clients’ needs, MNC Sekuritas has a Research Division which publishes actual information about the economy and business, as well as providing regular research report by MNC Sekuritas’ analysts on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

MNC Sekuritas is committed to providing a complete range of services by continually creating innovative products tailored to individual clients and businesses. Besides regular and margin trading, it also offer a stock-saving product called MNC Gemesin Plus.

Digitalization has become an inseparable part of human lives, and as such MNC Sekuritas focuses on building and improving one of the best online trading platforms in Indonesia, MotionTrade. Since the app re-launched in 2016, MotionTrade has affirmed its position to be the best online trading application in the industry with a high rating recorded at PlayStore or AppStore. Downloaded by hundreds of thousands of devices, MotionTrade allows both conventional and sharia clients to conduct their transactions anywhere anytime. MotionTrade ensures easy, stable, fast, safe and convenient stock transactions for its user.

Keeping up with the rapid changes, MotionTrade offers the most sophisticated features that allow monitoring of share movements in the Indonesian Stock Exchange and execution of transaction orders as desired. The App has a unique feature called the “Super Order” that assists clients to maximize profits and minimize losses. MotionTrade has also been complemented with MNC Research that provides clients with  updated news and research report from MNC Sekuritas’ analysts.

Besides “Super Order”, other features in MotionTrade such as “Speed Order”, “Power Buy and Sell Analysis” can attract professional traders. We have also made an easier access for potential clients to enter the capital market by enabling a full online stock account opening with several simple steps.

To better provide for Indonesia’s large Muslim population, MotionTrade also has its sharia version called MotionTrade Syariah and MNC Filantropi to facilitate philanthropy for Moslem stock investors, such as waqf and donations.

Some future development of MotionTrade includes voice command, face detection and e-mutual fund.

Other digital products to complement MotionTrade include a powerful mobile stock-screening app – MNC StockRadars, a virtual mobile trading app for new investors to learn about the stock market in a real trading environment. MNC Virtual Trading and the first mortgage program in the market – MNC Gadai Saham.

To tap into a wider market including global market, MNC Kapital acquired Auerbach Grayson in late 2020. Auerbach Grayson was founded in 1993 in New York City. As the largest global broker in terms of companies covered and number of analysts around the world, it offers a full range of global in-depth research, trade execution and settlement services, corporate access, capital raising and cross border merger & acquisition in equities and fixed income instruments through local partners in over 125 countries. The collaboration between MNC Sekuritas and Auerbach Grayson aims to bring the business from overseas to Indonesia, creating additional source of revenue for MNC Sekuritas.

Implementing MNC Group values, Vision, Quality and Speed consistently in every aspect of its business, MNC Sekuritas is simply the best securities house in Indonesia.

For further information, please visit www.mncsekuritas.id and download the Corporate Updates file through the Investor Relations tab.

MNC Sekuritas, Invest with The Best.