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Signing of the Working Capital Credit Agreement MNC Guna Usaha with Bank Kalsel

26 October 2020

On Monday (26/10), PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Kalimantan Selatan (Bank Kalsel) signed a hundred billion rupiahs Working Capital Credit Agreement with PT MNC Guna Usaha Indonesia (MNC Guna Usaha) at MNC Group’s iNews Tower, Jakarta. This signing is a follow-up to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which was signed last August at the head office of Bank Kalsel in Banjarmasin.

This collaboration was established because the bank, which has Rp14 trillion assets in the first quarter of 2020, possesses the same vision and mission as MNC Guna Usaha to support sectors that push the economy. Both parties view medical equipment financing as a promising industry. In the middle of unstable economic conditions, MNC Guna Usaha is still able to channel financing and continue to expand its business, especially in the medical equipment financing that was stated as the purpose in the credit facility signed today.

The credit agreement was signed by Agus Syabarrudin, as the President Director representing Bank Kalsel. On the other hand, MNC Guna Usaha was represented by Paulus Cholot Janala and Henri Gunawan as Directors. “MNC Guna Usaha is committed to developing the medical equipment financing business, viewed to be one of the portfolio pillars in the future, and believes that medical equipment industry is an industry that is not easily affected by economic and political situations or conditions,” explained Paulus Cholot Janala, Managing Director of MNC Guna Usaha.

At the same time, Paulus Cholot Janala said, “We are sure that the financing market for medical equipment is still positive and continues to grow, so we proceed to increase financing for medical equipment, as an addition to maintaining a fairly stable market, namely heavy equipment funding.” Bank Kalsel, through its Main Director, Agus Syabarrudin, also welcomes this collaboration and hopes that this financing can contribute to the development of national health infrastructure in general and South Kalimantan in particular.

Henri Gunawan, as the Finance Director of MNC Guna Usaha, is still optimistic. Even though the financing in 2020 is not as good as the previous years, MNC Guna Usaha’s performance is still well as most of its financing supports the productive sector with the corporate customer segment. In addition, MNC Guna Usaha was able to suppress the Non-Performing Financing below the industry average. He continued, “We also believe that the medical equipment financing sector will be one of the pillars of business growth for MNC Guna Usaha.”

Meanwhile, according to Agus Syabarrudin, as of June 2020, Bank Kalsel’s Risk-Based Bank Rating (RBBR) is at Composite Rating 2 (PK-2), which means that it reflects the bank’s condition as healthy in general. He added that Bank Kalsel’s vision is to be a strong, competitive bank and become a development engine, especially in South Kalimantan. “Currently, Bank Kalsel continues to transform into a bank that is more innovative, modern, and increasingly digitalized so that it increasingly reaches various groups.”

Of course, the funding provided through MNC Guna Usaha is relevant to this mission. The working capital credit will have a broad impact, especially in the health sector, in supporting government programs, which are currently focused on handling the Covid-19 pandemic.