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MNC Peduli with Sahabat Belanja LotteMart Rehabilitate the Bridge in Cipluk Kendal

17 July 2018 .

JAKARTA – The donation of Sahabat Belanja LotteMart that has been collected from all LotteMart counters in Indonesia since November 2017 is handed over to MNC Peduli (Yayasan Jalinan Kasih) to rehabilitate a damaged bridge in an isolated area in Cipluk Sub-village, Sidokumpul Mulyo Village, Patean-Kendal, Central Java.

The bridge is roughly 85 meters long and is the main access route to-and-from Cipluk Sub-Village, home to over 1,700 people that are willing to go over the bridge for socio-economic activities that are needed by the community such as facilitating children to go to school and shorten the distance by at least 15 kilometers.

The donation from Sahabat Belanja LotteMart to MNC Peduli is symbolically given by the Marketing Director of PT. LotteMart Indonesia Evi Lionawan to the Chairman of MNC Peduli Syafril Nasution.

“Our expectation, this bridge rehabilitation activities get a positive response from Sahabat Belanja LotteMart, so more and more LotteMart’s shopping buddies are keen to donate and share to others in the next bridge rehabilitation program,” said Evi at LotteMart Green Pramuka Square, Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (July 17, 2018).

Meanwhile, Chairman of MNC Peduli Syafril Nasution would like to thank LotteMart Indonesia for the donation given for the rehabilitation of the bridge in the remote area.

“We would like to thank LotteMart who regularly cooperates with MNC Peduli. This cooperation is not the first time, we have done several activities such as bridge construction in Malang, distributed 2,000 packages to the dhuafa, and others,” said Syafril.

With the rehabilitation of the bridge in Cipluk Sub-village, the residents can cut up to 15 kilometers of travel distance. This is considered very helpful to the community.

“Our expectation of this cooperation can be developed,” concluded Syafril.

Source: news.okezone.com