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MNC Peduli Donates PPE to Covid-19 Task Force

1 April 2020 .

JAKARTA – MNC Group, through MNC Peduli, donated IDR 5 billion for the purpose of Covid-19 relief in Indonesia. The amount was given to the Covid-19 Rapid Response Task Force in the form of masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ventilators.

The donation was handed over by Executive Chairman of MNC Group, Hary Tanoesoedibjo (HT), accompanied by MNC Peduli Chairwoman Jessica Tanoesoedibjo, to the Chairman of the COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Force, Lt. Gen. Doni Monardo, Wednesday (1/4/2020).

HT conveyed three things regarding the handling of Covid-19 in Indonesia. First, he invites all segments of the nation with the ability or opportunity to participate in helping those who have been hit by the coronavirus.

According to HT, donations can be distributed directly or indirectly, through the Task Force or through institutions such as hospitals that have been designated by the government.

“Secondly, I also urge that we need to be unified, as the Chairman of the Task Force (Doni Monardo) had said. Let us follow all the recommendations made by the government, both by the President, Mr. Jokowi, relevant ministries, and the Task Force. If we are united and follow all the directions and appeals that the government has set in place, then the problem we face, this coronavirus, will definitely be resolved and end faster, “HT said.

Thirdly, HT invites the mass media to publish news that build up, not to frighten or contradict the government statements. The Coronavirus outbreak’s resolution, said HT, will be accelerated if the people cooperate in a united effort.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Force, Doni Monardo, appreciated the donation from MNC Group as a form of support for the Task Force in carrying out prevention and mitigation efforts to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

Doni stated that he discussed many things in the meeting with HT, including how the united participation of the nation’s various media platforms will help government programs which would then have positive effects, especially in lifting the spirits and morale of the nation.

“Why this is important is because one of the factors that make a lot of people exposed [to the virus] is low or poor body immunity. Low immunity is caused by panic and worry, “said Doni.

According to the former Kopassus Danjen, positivity within news reporting and encouragement to be healthy and recover from illness is the main key in fighting the coronavirus.

“Uniting is the best solution, including how we may discipline ourselves to avoid [becoming sick]. We are stronger when we can remind each other of these things. Working together in unity, is of utmost importance for us today, “said Doni.