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Caring for the Environment, MNC Leasing & MNC Peduli Plants 1,000 Mangroves in PIK

13 March 2020 .

Jakarta – MNC Leasing as a finance company under the auspices of MNC Group, has collaborated with MNC Peduli to hold a planting activity of 1,000 mangrove seedlings in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta on Friday, March 13, 2020.

The planting of the mangrove seedlings was carried out by Director of MNC Leasing Paulus Cholot Janala together with Chief of MNC Peduli Jessica Tanoesoedibjo.

Paulus said that planting mangrove seedlings is a program to implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities from MNC Leasing and is one of the Company’s Financial Sustainability programs in order to comply with the Financial Services Authority’s requirement for finance companies to be implemented starting in 2020.

“Representing MNC Peduli, we would like to thank MNC Leasing. Hopefully, this activity can be carried out continuously to contribute directly to the environment,” said Jessica Tanoesoedibjo.

Jessica further said that planting mangroves is very important because it can protect the coast of Indonesia from erosion and abrasion that continues to occur. It is also useful for enriching the brackish water flora and fauna that lives out of mangrove trees and increasing the positive impact on the economy and the quality of the environment at large.

At the same event, MNC Leasing also provided education to employees regarding sustainable finance and the benefits of planting mangrove trees.

“We hope that MNC Leasing in the future can continue to provide the best contribution to society and the environment; this has become one of MNC Leasing’s goals to follow the spirit in realizing an organization that is oriented towards the planet, people and profit,” concluded Paulus.

Source: MNC Peduli