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BCAP’s Digital Revenue Grows Nearly Threefold, Net Profit Surges 218.23%

15 November 2022

Jakarta, November 15, 2022

PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (BCAP or the Company) has released its financial statements for the period of September 2022, by again recording a brilliant performance. Digital revenue jumped nearly threefold, from Rp 68.92 billion to Rp 200.56 billion, or skyrocketed by 191.00% year-on-year (yoy), which was accompanied by an exponential increase in net profit of 218.23% yoy, from Rp 26.15 billion to reach Rp 83.22 billion in 9M-2022. The Company posted an 8.20% growth in revenue, Rp 1,920.82 billion in 9M-2021 to Rp 2,078.39 billion in 9M-2022, where the interest income rose 12.57% yoy to Rp 1,201.14 billion for the year. The combination above resulted in significant growth in the Company’s net profit margin of 194.11%, from 1.36% in 9M-2021 to 4.00% in the same period this year.

On a quarterly basis, BCAP’s total revenue grew from Rp 664.94 billion in Q2-2022 to Rp 691.87 billion in Q3-2022. Compared to the same quarter last year, the Company‚Äôs total revenue rose 8.23% from Rp 639.25 billion. The increase was triggered by digital revenue which soared 139.74% from Rp 23.15 billion in Q3-2021 to Rp 55.50 billion in Q3-2022.

The highest contributor to BCAP’s revenue came from MNC Bank at 49.7% of total consolidated revenue, followed by MNC Life 12.2%, MNC Insurance 10.8%, MNC Finance 9.5%, MNC Sekuritas 8.8%, MNC Leasing 5.7%, MNC Asset Management 1.5%, Flash Mobile 0.9%, and MNC Teknologi Nusantara 0.8%.

Based on the consolidated statements of financial position, asset growth was mainly influenced by the capital increase made to the Company’s subsidiary, MNC Bank (PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk or BABP) last year, where the proceeds of that corporate action were able to increase BABP’s capacity to disburse additional third party loans by Rp 1,521.77 billion to Rp 9,944.25 billion in September 2022 or 18.07% increase from Rp 8,422.49 billion in 2021.