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BCAP Finalizes Motion Digital Integration Concept

15 February 2022

Jakarta, 15 February 2022

At the public expose held today, PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (BCAP) revealed the plan to unite its core digital products, MotionBanking (MB), MotionPay (MP), Motion Trade (MT), and Flash Mobile (FM), into an entity called PT Motion Digital Technology (MDT), under the brand Motion Digital. The main reason of this consolidation is to create maximum synergy between MB, MP, MT and FM. The integration and synergy will attract more investors, including private equity, hedge funds, start-up investors, and other financial institutions.

With all transaction-based digital financial services gathered under one entity, Motion Digital helps people make the most of their money, from daily transactions, digital lending to wealth management, enabling customers to manage all their financial needs. MotionBanking will take MotionPay’s QRIS ability so that MotionBanking users can transact with offline merchants using QRIS. MNC Bank is also in the process to get approval from PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) to manage client fund accounts so that MotionBanking users can open MotionTrade accounts seamlessly and vice versa. Apps under Motion Digital will be interconnected to each other with a single sign-on, connected e-KYC, and even cross wallet for convenient transactions. Flash Mobile will process all aforementioned transactions to ensure real-time execution. Furthermore, Motion Digital will also maximize synergies with MNC Media and MNC Digital to attract Motion Digital users by collaborating with e-commerce and fintech to quickly increase the number of transactions as well as Motion Digital users.