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PT MNC Leasing, which was acquired by MNC Kapital in 2014, focuses on providing productive asset financing in Indonesia through working capital, investment and multipurpose financing.

In 2019, MNC Leasing was ranked as the second-best leasing company in Indonesia according to Infobank, with an asset class that’s between 500 billion to 1 trillion. Further achievements include the awarding of “very good” rating from Infobank for 3 consecutive years from 2017 to 2019, and receiving an award for being a leasing company with an excellent performance from Warta Ekonomi in the past 2 years.

MNC Leasing has proven itself as one of the fastest-growing units that hold a significant impact on the performance of the MNC Group. Since its acquisition 4 years ago, MNC Leasing’s total Asset Managed has grown from Rp204 billion to Rp1.1 trillion, and It’s Net Profit after tax has grown from Rp760 million in 2015 to Rp26.4 billion in 2019. MNC Leasing has also managed to maintain it’s gross non-performing financing (NPF) within the range of 0.5%, which is far below the industry average of 2%, and allowance for bad debt was more than sufficient to cover it’s NPF.

MNC Leasing product offerings include:

Asset-Based Financing
Financing facilities provided to individuals, corporates or institutions for the purpose of investing in capital goods and working capital. MNC Leasing offers financing in the form of financial lease, instalment financing and sell and lease back to clients in various fields, ranging from heavy equipment to medical equipment.

Providing solutions for short term working capital and bridging loans with invoice as collateral.

Operating Lease
Financing operational vehicles for corporates or institutions, both through operating lease and lease-to-own.

Sharia Financing
Financing products with Sharia Contract, focusing on Hajj financing and educational loan.

MNC Leasing has 12 Point of Sales (PoS) in all major cities across Indonesia. In order to provide convenience for clients, MNC Leasing is currently developing a mobile application where the client may obtain information on a leasing agreement, instalment schedule, payment status and various ongoing promotions. It will also provide operating lease services, such as accident claim, maintenance scheduling and vehicle license payment.

To strengthen the business, MNC Leasing’s strategies include expanding its collaboration with brand holders in Heavy Equipment, Commercial Vehicle, Machinery, and Medical Equipment businesses. In addition, MNC Leasing will exercise product enhancement through comprehensive product diversification with a focus on low-risk financing products and low acquisition cost through digital marketplaces such as Hajj Financing and Educational Loans. MNC Leasing will also continue to synergize with MNC Group’s subsidiaries by exploring supply chain financing for businesses related to MNC Group, increasing cross-selling and joint-marketing campaigns, digitalization synergy with SPIN, and increasing promotion campaigns through MNC Media Channel.

For further information, please visit www.mncleasing.com and download the Corporate Updates file through the Investor Relations tab.