Launching of New Logo of MNC Financial Services and its Subsidiaries

Posted On 31 May, 2018 by

PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (BCAP) or better known as "MNC Financial Services" has officially changed the company's logo. MNC Kapital's President Director Wito Mailoa stated, launching a new logo is very important in helping to strengthen the business.

"Instantly can communicate our value and commitment to improve its service quality to customers and all stakeholders," he said in the new logo launching event at iNews Tower, Jakarta, Thursday (31/05/2018).

He explains, the new logo is designed to reflect growth and as a mover for innovation. The new logo also illustrates the vision of the Company to become the most integrated financial services company in Indonesia.

"The change of logo is expected to be not only a change of logo identity, but the values ​​contained in it can be absorbed by every employee by always upholding integrity, putting forward ethics, and strong character in every business activity," he explained.

He also explained, the philosophy of the new logo is gold. The circle inside the logo, means a continuous synergy between business units under MNC Kapital Indonesia.

Then, the light in the middle of the MNC logo, defines the company's energy to be the most innovative integrated financial services. Meanwhile, the line separating the logo into 4 boxes rotates clockwise, meaning forward-oriented, the spirit of the corporation to make all its business units proven in the future.


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