Company Strategy

PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (MNC Financial Services) will continuously take several strategic steps in developing its business and its subsidiaries’ businesses towards its goal to be "The Most Integrated Financial Services in Indonesia", which among others include:

  1. Strengthening its capital structure in order to support the business growth of subsidiaries. Simultaneously, MNC Financial Services will strive to seek opportunities in making acquisitions of other prospective financial services company.
  2. Strengthening synergies in the subsidiaries, such as in the operations, marketing and sales of products (cross-selling), is highly effective, thus effectively able to streamline operational costs, increase market penetration, and also beneficial for the consumers of MNC Financial Services.
  3. Realizing the digitization plan on the entire business units of financial services, including shared services, database digitization, integrated call-center, Disaster Recovery Center (DRC), and others to positively support business performance and consumer convenience.
  4. Maintaining long-term growth through the combination of organic growth and acquisition of new business activities.