Company Milestone

Smart Payment Indonesia (SPIN) Launching. 

MNC Life launched Hario Apps, a digital insurance mobile application.

PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk and its subsidiaries launched a new logo.

The Company conducted a Shelf Registration Bond II MNC Kapital Indonesia Phase I of 2018.  Total issued bonds: Rp300 billion consisting of Rp112 billion best effort and Rp188 billion full commitment.

PT MNC Securities changed its name to PT MNC Sekuritas.

The Company inaugurated MNC Financial Services integrated branch offices in Surabaya, Pekanbaru, and Medan to provide a “one-stop” financial service stemming from its seven business units to the customers.

Seven business units under the Company built a faster infrastructure foundation and invested in important areas.

The Company obtained funds from the execution of warrants in the amount of Rp824.3 billion.

The Company conducted a Limited Public Offering II through Pre-Emptive Right Issue (HMETD) II in the amount of 551,474,960 shares with total proceeds of Rp827.21 billion.

The Company conducted a Limited Public Offering I through Pre-Emptive Right Issue (HMETD) in the amount of 2,615,276,045 shares with total proceeds of Rp2.35 trillion.

The Company acquired share ownership of PT Bank ICB Bumiputera Tbk, officially becoming the controlling shareholder and changed its name to PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk.

The Company acquired 99.99% share ownership of PT Indo Finance Perkasa, and changed its name to PT MNC Guna Usaha Indonesia.

The Company issued Shelf Registration Bonds I Phase I of Rp225 billion with a 5-year tenor to strengthen its subsidiaries' working capital.

The Company changed its name to PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk.

The Company acquired PT Jamindo General Insurance, and changed its name to PT MNC Asuransi Indonesia (MNC Insurance).

PT Bhakti Asset Management, PT Bhakti Finance, and PT Bhakti Securities changed their names respectively to PT MNC Asset Management, PT MNC Finance, and PT MNC Securities.

The Company acquired PT UOB Life Sun Assurance, and changed its name to PT MNC Life Assurance (MNC Life).

PT Bhakti Securities was officially established. The Company's securities activities were transferred to PT Bhakti Securities.

The Company became a holding company for the financial services sector.

PT Bhakti Asset Management and PT Bhakti Finance became subsidiaries of the Company.

The Company's Initial Public Offering

The Company was founded in Jakarta on July 15th.